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DJ KrazeeNez driven by passion and for the art of djing is one of the       hottest DJs in San Diego County from Inzanity Entertainment. DJ KrazeeNez has been on the turntables for 15yrs doing what he knows best. As he always had to rely on sheer and talent which always proved enough, it was about becoming a working DJ. He’s dedication has led him to be notice at many clubs and events from Los Angeles, Riverside, to San Diego County with a few residencies in his belt. DJ KrazeeNez is known for creating live Mixes, Top 40, Party Rock, House, Motown, Hip-hop, Old School, Reggaeton, Merengue, Latin, and Alternative. With his vast experience and knowledge of music, he is able to read a crowd and pick the perfect mix of music to get the crowd going and keep them on the dance floor!

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